What Do Boric Acid Supppositories Do?

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What do boric acid suppositories do?

What do boric acid suppositories do are often prescribed to help treat yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV). They work by balancing the pH of the vagina. They are also safe to use after sexual intercourse, the menstrual cycle, or anytime you feel your vagina's pH is off balance.

Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

When yeast and bacteria start to clog the vaginal canal, it can lead to a yucky odor and itching. These conditions can be serious and can lead to infection. Taking antifungal medication can help reduce the symptoms of a yeast infection, but it can take time to get rid of it completely.

The Mechanism of Action: How Boric Acid Suppositories Work to Treat Vaginal Infections

Up to 1 in 4 women have a mild case of BV. It usually goes away on its own after a course of antibiotics, but in up to 50 percent of women, the condition recurs.

Symptoms of BV include a foul-smelling, fishy odor and burning, itching, or a gray discharge. These symptoms may cause discomfort or make it hard to sleep at night.

Aside from removing the bad smell and helping to keep your vagina healthy, boric acid can also help alleviate other BV symptoms like itching, burning, and a lingering feeling of irritation. It may also reduce a woman's need for supplemental anti-fungal medications.

But be sure to check with your doctor before using boric acid suppositories as they should not be used to treat other vaginal infections, such as bacterial infections or STIs. They may also be harmful to a pregnant woman.

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