Traditional Chinese Medicide Treatments

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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a large branch of conventional medical science in China. It's been described as being riddled with pseudo-medicine, and most of its remedies as having no discernible logical pattern of cause and effect. The treatments range from herbal cures, diet manipulations, dietary supplements, acupuncture, meditation and qigong practices, etc. The aim of the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to promote natural healing, and to maintain the vitality of the body.

Chinese Medicide treatments


The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine was to find an effective cure for all illnesses. The treatments used at one time were based on observation and experience, rather than any scientific knowledge. Chinese people were used to curing and preventing all sorts of illnesses, including death, using methods that are still used today. For instance, the treatments used to prolong life in ancient China would have included things like wearing an iron bracelet which was linked to the heart and could be tightened to stop the heart beat, preventing excessive sweating and keeping the skin cool. When people suffered from an illness, they would be given specific herbs to treat their illness, either by drinking it or by applying it to the skin. Some of the herbs would act like antiseptics, to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Another form of treatment used at the time was to eat poisonous foodstuffs, such as scorpion rattles and dragonflies. At a more extreme level, people would be prepared to poison themselves in order to be killed faster. The theory behind these treatments was that the poisonous substance would keep the person alive, until they died naturally. Unfortunately this didn't work, and most of the patients that ate poisonous food died as a result.

The treatments that did work on some people were quite terrible, with people suffering from broken limbs, bone fractures, lack of movement, blindness and hearing loss. These procedures had no effect on people who were only mildly ill, but there are cases where extremely ill people received these treatments as well. These treatments were carried out on people who had contracted contagious diseases, or had been exposed to poisonous substances. There is evidence that some of these treatments were conducted on political prisoners during the rule of the Ming Dynasty. However, these practices soon fell out of favour. There is no proof to suggest that they actually helped any patient, or stopped their condition.

These treatments are also thought to have been based on the theory of Five Animal Disoxification Methods. This was a system of traditional Chinese medicine that believed that everything in the body, including the lungs, liver, spleen and gallbladder should be cleansed by using certain elements. People who were heavily in debt, and who had no way of paying off their debts were usually treated using this method. It was very often used as a means of wealth transfer.

Today there are no known traditional Chinese medicide treatments that have ever been proven to have any effect. However, it is still possible for some patients to develop infections or other health problems as a result of receiving traditional chinese medicine treatments. If you are at risk of contracting an illness or disease from another person then it would be in your best interests to consult with your doctor to determine whether these treatments would be safe for you. You can also research the Internet to find out more information about alternative methods of treating health conditions.

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