The Discipline of Architecture & Interior Design

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Architecture  Interior Design

The discipline of Architecture & Interior Design is a combination of the science and art of designing spaces. The emphasis is on the technical aspects of building rooms. This includes balancing aesthetics with safety. An interior architect is responsible for creating plans that incorporate both architectural and structural elements. They are typically involved in the planning, design, and construction of private residences, public buildings, and commercial spaces. Whether you are planning a new home, renovation, or remodeling an existing one, you can be confident that an architect can create an aesthetically pleasing design that fits your needs and budget. Click for more

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While the two fields are often combined, they are distinct. An Interior Architect is a specialist in architecture. Unlike an interior designer, an architect can gut and rebuild a structure to serve a new purpose. For example, an old office block can be converted into modern apartments. While the exterior of the building is preserved, the interior design will change. The outcome will be a work of art. This type of transformation is referred to as Adaptive Re-Use.

A minor in Architectural Studies gives students an introduction to the field of architecture and design. This program combines the fundamentals of interior design and architecture, and graduates will leave with a comprehensive portfolio. The first year of the program focuses on the history of architecture and the use of AutoCAD and Google Sketch Up. During the second half of the degree, students will focus on using 3D art and using the software. This will allow them to see how their ideas can translate into a finished product.

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