Commercial Water Extraction

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commercial water extraction

Whether from a flooded basement, severe storm or burst pipe, if there’s excess water in your home, it must be extracted quickly to avoid serious damage. commercial water extraction is the process of finding and stopping the source of the issue, draining the excess water and removing non-visible moisture from inside a property, drying and dehumidifying all affected areas. Water extraction must be done by trained professionals with experience and industry-level tools to ensure the job is done properly, safely, and quickly.

Water extraction is important because it prevents critical structural damage, speeds up the drying process and minimizes mold growth. It also allows for more thorough inspection of your property and the identification of any hidden issues. It’s best to start with a thorough water extraction before moving on to other water damage restoration services.

The Importance of Commercial Water Extraction Equipment in Restoration Projects

Efficient water extraction requires a combination of powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units with the ability to remove thousands of gallons of water per hour. This equipment is necessary to extract and remove all the water from your property and keep it dry.

Commercial water extraction must be completed by a certified water restoration company. They know how to find and stop the source of the problem, use moisture sensors and meters to detect hidden moisture, and employ powerful tools to thoroughly clean, dry and disinfect all affected areas. Hidden moisture catalyzes mold growth and can cause health problems such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Completing the water extraction process efficently lays the foundation for mold mitigation and other restoration services.

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