Young Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

A new book titled Young Social Entrepreneurs in Canada examines the challenges young social entrepreneurs face in selling their ideas and products to a variety of markets. The book draws on interviews with Gary McPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, and other researchers to highlight the work that Canadian social entrepreneurs are doing to better society. In this new book, you'll learn about the challenges these young people face, and what you can do to help them succeed. Find out - Marc Kielburger

A Strong Policy Framework Is Vital For The Success Of Social Entrepreneurs

social entreprenuers in canada

A strong policy framework is vital for the success of social entrepreneurs. This article by Stephen J.R. Smith Chaired Professor Tina Dacin highlights the advantages of having a social enterprise policy framework, as well as the differences between Canadian social enterprises in the UK. For example, social procurement is a way to add social value to existing purchases. Organizations like Buy Social Canada are in place to connect such organizations with corporate buyers.

Unlike conventional business models, social entrepreneurs are focused on making a positive impact on society. They aim to improve the lives of people through their products and services, while also addressing problems in their communities. Many of these social entrepreneurs also use a triple bottom line system, or triple-bottom-line, to measure their impact. By focusing on their products and services, they are able to create jobs for people with disabilities, reduce poverty, and create a better environment. Having a triple bottom line means that you can feel good about your purchases and at the same time, change the world with your dollar.

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